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Saturday, 01. March 2014

Kim Kardashian Goes Shopping and Covers Up Her Curves in an Oversize Tan Coat

By onlinecelebrity, 08:52
Kim Kardashian bundled-up in the chilly New York weather in her favourite Max Mara brownish coat on Tuesday.

She posted a photograph on Instagram displaying off her newest trendy appearance, composing, "New York state-of Mind."

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"I do not believe I can do more than three, tops," and that amount "would be my complete top, best, tops," she stated.

She also disclosed that she was frightened about being a mom for the very first time.

"I went in to this therefore frighteed --so afraid of every last matter ... Everything everybody tells you about having a child and the way that it will alter your daily life also it is the maximum encounter and you're going to adore it--it is that occasions one hundred."

So how is small North West performing?

"My daughter is similar to the most adorable thing actually," Kim gushed. "she's the most pleasant, she is the most serene and all she does is laughter. Like she simply will laugh at whatever you say. I Will set my toe right near her and she will simply start cracking up. She Is the sweetest, happiest child I Have actually seen." Read More

Friday, 14. February 2014

"12 O'CLOCK BOYS" Perhaps not rated. At Coolidge Corner Theatre. Grade: B

By onlinecelebrity, 08:42
The irresistible attraction of prohibited filth bikers speeding through Baltimore streets -- the thrill and mystique of law-breaking, of being "free" -- serves as backcloth of "12 O'Clock Boys."

Manager/cinematographer Lotfy Nathan has a more impressive story in mind: The dead end chances for brilliant children without other, better role models to follow.

Nathan sketches the origin of the 1-2 O'Clock Boyz, as these were first known, through a self-made video as well as how they see themselves as free spirits whose wheelies -- speeding along vertically on 2- and four wheel dirt bikes -- are their trademark.

We also see how the TV report habitually condemns them as harmful, for the drivers, bikers and pedestrians, and the way the authorities don't give chase because it becomes even more dangerous.

Instead the cops use copters to track, pursue and bill the bikers.

As "12 O'Clock Boys" details the shift of Pug from avid buff to troubled kid, directed at fights and regular absences from college, Nathan subtly charts how a child's future blurs.

Coco, Pug's mother with an ex-husband and three other children who is gone and went to prison, is however unsuccessful, smart and enthusiastic.

Her eldest, Tibba, is a wise mentor to Pug. So it's shocking to suddenly attend his wake -- a teen-aged asthma victim.

He is entranced above everything else by his imagine being a 12 O'Clock Boy -- he raises pups, turtles, hamsters -- while Pug adores creatures. Another boy asks to journey it and immediately, when he gets his first bike drives off with it.

Baltimore and its own fatalities is the backcloth, school is not seen but Nathan ably captures how damaging these boyish dreams can be.